Vulcan Advanced Logic
Introducing Vulcan, and what many are calling the single most important advancement in pickleball since the introduction of the first “composite” 
paddle over 25 years ago.

Vulcan is leading the way to the future while other paddle makers remain content to rely on 1980s composite technology and basic hand-assembly. 

Vulcan is the first paddle maker to leverage modern technology by developing proprietary polycarbonate materials to significantly improve performance, streamlining construction and aesthetics, and eliminating the design compromises associated with off-the-shelf parts. Vulcan is the first to utilize cutting-edge construction processes and equipment to enhance quality, remove undesirable adhesives, and maximize production efficiency to ensure the best value possible.
The result is a high-tech paddle line like no other. Paddles engineered with controllable performance variables to suit each player. Attributes like power, control, balance, sweet-spot and spin are all calculated based upon playing style: delivering pop when you need it, control and consistency you can count on, and aerodynamic optimization for explosive lightning-quick volleys.

Vulcan paddles allow players to perform at another level. Own a paddle that gives you confidence because it gives you an edge. Own a paddle made for you, one that feels right in your hand and delivers your shots with the perfect blend of trajectory, placement, spin and pace.

The future of pickleball is here. Vulcan Advanced Logic.


Vulcan Advanced Logic Technology.

Vulcan Advanced Logic Pickleball
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