#TeamVulcan Pro Martina Kochli is part owner of American Pickleball (along with her husband), and they are announcing a new tournament series that starts next month (November 2021). The American Pickleball Endless Summer Series offers a premier experience for amateur players at all skill levels. Hosted throughout the state of Florida, the Endless Summer Series provides multiple opportunities for players to enjoy the beautiful Florida winter—or rather—the Florida Endless Summer!

The Endless Summer Series is ideal for players who love the social aspects of pickleball as much as the game itself. Enjoy free snacks, refreshments, and cold beer at every tournament, brought to you by New Belgium Brewing!
As a Veteran-owned, family-run business, American Pickleball gives back a portion of all proceeds from the Endless Summer Series to the Green Beret Foundation. Vulcan Pickleball is proud to have Martina Kochli on the team, and proud to be a sponsor of the Endless Summer series.


To discover more about the Endless Summer Series or American Pickleball, check out the #AmericanPB website.

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