The new Vulcan V1000 Raw Carbon Fiber Series includes the Vulcan V1100 Jay Devilliers Paddle and the Vulcan V1200 Tyler Loong Paddle. Both paddles feature a 16mm core with a full foam-injected carbon sealed edge wall. The unibody construction gives a full energy transfer from the paddle to the ball, lending effortless power and precision on the court. The cores taper from 16mm to 13mm in the forged handle; this offers more comfort in the grip as well as creating increased swing speed.

The Vulcan V1000 Series Paddles utilize raw carbon fiber surfaces for more spin generation, but they differ in the strength of the weave. The V1100JD, designed for Team Vulcan Pro Jay Devilliers, has Toray T700 Raw Carbon Fiber; the fan-favorite raw surface allows players to add pace and touch to every shot, from any spot on the court. The V1200TL has a Toray T800 Raw Carbon Fiber Surface, a tighter weave for more pop and power; it was designed for Team Vulcan Pro Tyler Loong, and it is a great weapon when initiating speed-ups and finishing points.

In addition to the different raw carbon fiber surfaces, the two paddles also have different body shapes. The V1100JD has a modern shape with a longer handle, perfect for the two-handed backhands and a generous sweet spot for resets and effortless play. The V1200TL has an aerodynamic, slightly-longer shape for a rounded sweet spot and extended reach.

The Vulcan V1000 Series Paddles give players consistent power and pin-point accuracy all over the court. Discover the truly effortless play for yourself and try one today. For more up to date news on product releases, subscribe to the Vulcan Insiders email or follow Vulcan Pickleball on social media (Instagram / Facebook).

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