With the 2018 baseball season ahead, we are excited to announce the arrival of 8 new bat grips. As you can see in the photo above, we are releasing a lot of new, vibrant patterns and colors into the line.

The newest series to be added to Vulcan Bat Grips is the Fade Series. Available in six different color combinations, these dual-colored grips will stand out on your bat and give your game a new edge.

The ASP Series has two new color combinations, which will match the bats debuting from ASP Nation this year; the Glacier Freeze has a shocking blue and cool silver, while the Gold Limited has a harder edge with its black and gold combination. 

On the Vulcan Tennis Grips side, we are releasing the classic Old Glory design in all three series. These grips will be available in the Max Control Replacement Grips, the Max Cool Overgrips, and the Max Tour Overgrips. We're excited to bring the classic American Flag grip to racquet sports!

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