The Vulcan Grips team, which consisted of four athletes, gathered in a small room during the summer of 2015 to brainstorm ideas. They had been working for months on finding the right material for the line of bat grips they wanted to launch. The team wanted to create grips that would make a difference in how the bat felt in a player’s hand; they wanted the best designs on the best material, giving hitters style and confidence while playing.

Immediately, they wanted to create a grip that told a patriotic story. Drawing inspiration from an image of the flag flying high in the sky, proud and whipping in the wind over a baseball diamond on Opening Day, they began sketching ideas for an American flag grip. They divided the design into thirds; they wanted one part focused on the stars, on the history of the states as they became united. The other two thirds of the grip, however, went through 21 variations before they settled on the Old Glory design.

When Old Glory officially launched in January of 2016, the team knew they were proud of their creation. They had no way of knowing it would be a game changer for the Vulcan Bat Grips brand. Even now, this truly original grip design captures the hearts of #BatCandy fans, and it easily remains the fan-favorite grip design.

As the company launches Vulcan Tennis Grips on October 1, 2017, they are very excited to be offering the Old Glory design for racquet sports players, too. The team hopes Old Glory continues to be a favorite for #BatCandy and #RacketCandy fans for a long time to come.

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