The Vulcan V300 Series was designed especially for beginning pickleball players. Too often, beginners have to start playing the game with sub-par equipment, which can be frustrating on the court. The V300 Series Pickleball Paddles are all quality paddles, and available in a variety of price and bundle options.

The Vulcan V310 Pickleball Paddle is constructed with a wood composite core, and it's perfect for the beginning player. The Vulcan V320 Pickleball Paddle is made with a classic polypropylene core, and it has a fiberglass surface. The Vulcan V330 Pickleball Paddle has a fiberglass and carbon fiber surface, with a classic polypropylene core. The V320 and V330 paddles are great for players transitioning from beginner to intermediate levels, since they give players more control while playing.

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