Vulcan V700 Series Pickleball Paddles feature Vulcan STATERACORE™ Technology polycarbonate honeycomb cores with Vulcan V-SKIN™ surface technology which allows controllable performance variables for each model to alter and tune attributes like power, control, softness, sweet-spot, and spin. Surface materials deployed include carbon fiber with “bespoke” orientation, fiberglass custom inserts, and fiber-reinforced polyepoxide. Vulcan is the first to utilize patent-pending THERMAL DIFFUSION WELDING™ adhesion technology to eliminate unnecessary weight, fragile glue lines, and heterogeneous materials so that no energy is wasted in heat and vibration. Special carbon fiber inserts reinforce the throat area to significantly enhance flex while making it the strongest paddle handle ever designed. 

The advanced technology of Vulcan V700 Series paddles represents another important milestone in pickleball paddle design. Players quickly notice how the engineering and balance of the paddles make them feel much lighter than their true mass which translates to another level of quickness and performance. The materials are far more advanced and therefore much more expensive than other paddles. V700 paddles play better, feel better, and even sound differently – the polycarbonate core emits a lower-decibel yet higher-pitched “ping” rather than the usual “thump” of a polypropylene core. V700 players call that “ping” the sound of money!

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