Vulcan is introducing a new line of tennis racket grips and overgrips during the October USPTA World Conference at the new USTA National Tennis Center in Orlando. Vulcan hopes to give players a new level of comfort and control by leveraging the latest materials science and advances in grip technology--plus fun colors and designs that reflect a player's style.

"Every year the manufacturers of tennis rackets, strings, apparel, bags, and footwear introduce new gear featuring the latest technology and trendy designs, yet we haven't seen any new grip ideas in decades. Vulcan intends to push tennis grips into the 21st century just as we've done in the baseball market," says Larry Bearden, design engineer at Vulcan Sporting Goods Co.

Vulcan's first offering includes two tour-level replacement grips and ten different overgrips in classic white and black along with Optic Yellow, Optic Splatter, and even a USA-themed grip called Liberty. Vulcan overgrips feature several design firsts including an exclusive Maze tread pattern and a patented edge design that lays flat and resists roll. In terms of feel, players can choose a grip with light-tack and light-cushion or a soft grip that is extra absorbent for hot and humid conditions. Retails are $9.99 for a replacement grip or $7.99 for a 3-pack of overgrips. Vulcan is rolling out distribution to tennis retailers and the grips can also be purchased directly from the company's website. For more information, shop on our website or call 800.826.6373.

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