Vulcan Pickleball has the largest paddle assortment in the game with 23 paddle model options ranging from $49.99 to $225.99. Vulcan engineers focus on making quality paddles no matter the price point, giving players game-changing equipment no matter the skill level.

Each paddle series has a different goal. The V300 Series is optimal for those just starting to play the game--from youth paddles to durable paddles that are priced under $60. They come in bright, fun colors and patterns to make playing this community-oriented sport even more enjoyable!


The V500 Series is great for any player, from beginner to intermediate to advanced, and offers a wide variety of color, shapes, weights, handle lengths, and surface materials. It's the most diverse collection in the Vulcan Pickleball line, with the V510 at just $69.99 to the fan favorite V560 paddles at $149.99 to the new Vulcan Raw Composites featuring raw carbon fiber and raw fiberglass.


The Vulcan V700 Series paddles are made with game-changing technology that provides durability and power. The V700 Series is made in the USA, and it is designed to literally “max out” both power and feel. Offered in three popular shapes depending on preference and play style, each model features the 13mm StateraCore™ polypropylene honeycomb core with a sophisticated proprietary 7-layer V-Skin™ System, TeXtreme® V-Strut™ spread-tow carbon fiber bands, and built with an exclusive Thermal Diffusion Welding™ construction which eliminates superfluous adhesives. The V700 Series is great for intermediate and advanced players who are looking for more power in their game.

The newest series added to the Vulcan Pickleball line is the V900 Series--the result of engineers and designers who are endlessly focused on the needs of the world’s most elite pickleball players. Each of the four models in the series individually leverages the superior attributes of the most expensive, rarest, and most sophisticated carbon fiber on the planet. The result manifests itself in a paddle for any player who demands feel, touch, spin, precision, and ball control without rival.


Vulcan Pickleball is proud to offer the largest pickleball paddle line in the game with 44 different color options and 23 different models. The variety offers players the chance to find the absolute perfect paddle for their game, their skill level and their style. Discover more on the website, or look at the Vulcan Paddle Comparison Chart.

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  • Great charts, I’ve already used them multiple times.
    Personally started with the V540 years back. More recently I fluctuate between the v910 and the v570. Thank you

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