Pickleball paddles come in a variety of core thicknesses--from 11mm to 13mm to 16mm and more. Each core thickness has different attributes that can help a pickleball player in their game. The real question is: how do you know which one will be right for you?

First, the 11mm cores are the thinnest. In the Vulcan Pickleball line these cores are called "blades" for a reason: they are the most aerodynamic paddles, slicing through the air with ease. These thinner core paddles are designed for speed, with thin grips for comfort and fluid movement. The Blades have extreme pop factor from the face of the paddle, and they help enhance net play.

Standard paddle cores are 13mm. These cores are consistent, with a nice balanced feel in the hand and from the paddle face. 13mm core paddles are solid, dependable, and durable.

The thickest cores, the 16mm, are designed for a balance between power and control; they have power from their slightly higher weight, but the thicker core means more hit absorption from the paddle face, which enhances control. The thicker grips on these paddles are great for comfort, and the broader "sweet spot" enhances ground strokes.

Depending on what you need in your pickleball play, these paddles can help complement and improve your game. Whether you need a thinner grip and more pop, or you need more hit absorption and a broader sweet spot, pickleball paddles can work with your game. Vulcan Pickleball makes a variety of pickleball paddle shapes in each thickness, and you can discover more pickleball paddle attributes when you look through the entire line.

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