Vulcan Pickleball has partnered with Walmart to create quality, high-performance paddles at an affordable price point, perfect for players beginning to get into the sport. Walmart is the top destination for beginner pickleball players to get their first paddles, and Vulcan is proud to have designed lightweight, well-balanced, and durable paddles for this growing market.

With prices starting at $19.97, these paddles are priced to create more accessibility for players wanting to learn pickleball. However, the quality of the Vulcan Torque Composite Paddle and the Vulcan Blast Graphite Paddle makes these paddles great for all ages and skill levels. Both of these two new paddles feature a generous sweet spot, modern paddle shape, durable edge guard for protection, cushioned grip for comfort, and 9mm polypropylene core for excellent power and consistency. The Vulcan Blast Paddle features a graphite face for extra control and spin, while the Vulcan Torque Paddle features a composite face for improved touch and spin.

The Vulcan Blast Paddle and Vulcan Torque Paddle are now available in stores nationwide and online for players. Discover more on

Vulcan Pickleball Paddles | Walmart

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  • I recently bought a Vulcan Torque and I’m really liking it. The grip feels great (even during my sweatiest days), the paddle is of very high quality, and I’m finally finding the elusive “sweet spot”!

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