#RacketCandy is officially hitting the court! Vulcan Grip Co. is ready to change the game of tennis with its new line of tennis grips. Each tennis grip features the debossed maze tread pattern and a patented edge that resists roll. The result is grips with the ultimate balance of control, comfort, feel, and durability.

Vulcan Max Control Replacement Grips are base grips applied directly to your racket handle.  With a perfect 1.90mm thickness, the right blend of light tack and light cushion, these grips are great for all weather conditions, with or without an overgrip. Vulcan Max Tour Overgrips offer light tack and light cushion, and it is especially popular among players as the weather cools down for fall. Vulcan Max Cool Overgrips offer a dry, extra-absorbent feel, which makes them perfect for hot and humid conditions.

Athletes know that Vulcan offers athletes fresh designs and better control, and they are excited to see how that attitude and confidence translates for tennis players. Purchase you own tennis grips on our website, and follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) for updates.

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