Today’s top pickleball players are demanding paddles that push the allowable limits for texture and spin. Inspired by pro players, they are also calling for thicker 16 mm platforms for maximum control and feel but also more pop to play aggressively. Vulcan’s two new V570 Raw Composite pickleball paddles provide the answer. Both the V570CF2 and V570RFP models are designed and made the same, including the use of Vulcan's Textured and Traction Surface Technology (TNT), except for an important surface distinction that defines each in terms of playability and player preference.  

Raw Carbon Fiber Surface Technology: One Of Many Superlative Features of Model V570CF2

The “raw carbon fiber” surface means the ball literally rests on the paddle face longer which delivers spin plus more control and accuracy on dinks and a noticeable softness on resets. The V570CF2 literally feels fluid and under control and plays with remarkable precision. Even the sound is audibly muted on ball strikes, consistent with a new, advanced-technology paddle that offers tremendous accuracy and finesse without compromising power. 

Raw Fiberglass Surface Technology: Spin, Power, Plus Control – An Industry-First for Model V570FRP

Introducing the world’s first paddle with “raw fiberglass” surface technology, the material widely known for generating power and pop. Vulcan’s new engineering for 2023 is inspired by recent innovations in raw carbon fiber. As the game is played more aggressively, the V570FRP represents a breakthrough to play with power and pop without sacrificing spin and control. This model feels and plays livelier than its control-first sibling and imparts a brighter-pitched sound.

Vulcan V570 Raw Composites: TNT Surface Technology

Technologically, both V570 versions represent several industry firsts to take your game to another level, featuring TNT Surface Technology. Vulcan’s TNT Technology leverages the latest materials science to allow players to spin and shape balls while adhering to USA Pickleball regulated design limits. To achieve this, Vulcan engineers strictly limited laminates and other surface-material processes to allow exposed fibers in face materials to impart natural texture to the ball. The idea is less is more, allowing the composite material itself to deliver performance. The result is spin whether the ball is struck aggressively or softly.

You can purchase the Vulcan V570 Raw Composites separately or as a synchronized set on the website. Discover the latest Vulcan Pickleball news by subscribing to the Vulcan Insiders email or following the brand on social media (Facebook / Instagram).

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