With baseball season underway, Vulcan Bat Grip Co. is excited to announce a new series in the attention-grabbing product line. The ASP series, designed in conjunction with ASP Nation, has a variety of color combinations for your baseball or softball bat. There are six new designs in the ASP series—all pictured above.

Like all Vulcan Bat Grips, these grips were designed to help you show your personality and swagger on your bat. The signature “maze” pattern improves batting performance by giving you control over your bat in any weather, wet or dry. The advanced polymer grips provide tacky grip and cushion, while the patterns provide you with slick designs to compliment your bat.

You can purchase your own Vulcan Bat Grips from the ASP series on our website. The 1.75 mm thickness will be available soon! We’d love to see the Bat Candy on your bat, so share them with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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