Corrine Carr Pickleball

#TeamVulcan Pro Corrine Carr

Corrine Carr, otherwise known as the “Professor of Pickleball,” has been playing pickleball for over five years. She started playing pickleball while she was getting her PhD in Finance from Michigan State University, where she wanted an athletic activity that took place indoors during the cold weather. Six months after playing her first game, she competed in her first tournament; she was immediately impressed with the social community surrounding the competitive atmosphere, and she was hooked.

Corrine started playing tennis and golf at a young age, and she went to college at South Carolina university on a Division 1 golf scholarship. She still plays both tennis and golf in her spare time, when she’s not teaching as a professor of finance at Campbell University in North Carolina.

When she is not working or playing sports, Corrine loves to travel to new locations – from Alaska to Argentina, to Iceland and Switzerland, and many more to come. She enjoys cooking, fashion, and biking, and she is easily known as the nicest player on the professional tour.

Corrine is excited to be part of Team Vulcan because of the supportive, friendly team members.

Notable tournament wins:

  1. 2019 Beer City - Gold in Women's Doubles Pro, Bronze in Singles Pro
  2. 2019 SoCal Classic - Gold in Women's Doubles Pro
  3. 2019 Atlanta Open - Gold in Women's Doubles Pro
  4. 2019 US Open - Silver in Women's Doubles Pro
  5. 2018 Nationals - Silver in Women's Doubles Pro
Corrine Carr
Corrine Carr Pickleball Pro
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