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More than just another clinic, Vulcan IQ Pickleball is a progressive game development system. Each session is customized to the group's goals, including take-home materials to review what you have learned and guidelines on how to keep improving between sessions. The Vulcan IQ Pickleball system is agile, flexible, and extensive, giving players a chance to develop a more intentional game and combine the two best parts of the sport - community and competition. For more information on the system, you can follow Vulcan IQ Pickleball on the Kefi Pickleball Facebook.


David Tappe

DAVID TAPPE has been playing racquet sports since his early childhood. (Seriously, there is a running joke that he was born with a paddle in one hand and a racquet in the other.) He even taught tennis while he served in the Navy. He has been playing pickleball since 2012 and has been continually honing the IQ Pickleball teaching system since that point. His goal in teaching pickleball is to have students play smarter, not just harder, while they also maintain the fun, competitive spirit of the sport.

Kate TullyKATE TULLY has the opposite story: she never played a racquet sport until David taught her pickleball. The Vulcan IQ Pickleball system was born out of Kate and David’s years of conversations, with her tenacious questions forcing David to articulate nuances of the game that had become instinctive for him. Their combined style of play has been described as fluid, effortless and even uncanny, because of how they’ve learned to control the ball, control the court and control the opponent. (It’s all about the set up.)



JEFF ARNETT has been playing racquet and paddle sports for over 31 years. He transitioned from a competitive, award-winning racquetball career to pickleball after a surgery and never looked back! A self-proclaimed pickleball fanatic, Jeff loves to teach, encourage, and add value to pickleball through teaching. He likes the Vulcan IQ Pickleball system because it is "able to be tailored to the player's individual needs without breaking the bank."

David ReddingDAVID REDDING has been a lead instructor for five years for pickleball camps throughout the US, including Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and California. He has won several national gold and silver medals for pickleball, from the US Open to Nationals to the National Sr. Olympics. When he isn’t playing pickleball, Redding is the tennis coach at Harding University. He believes in the “fun, sensible, progressive and layered approach” of the Vulcan IQ Pickleball system.
Becky Warr BECKY WARR has a particular gift for teaching new players and juniors. Her background includes a Bachelors in Kinesiology from Dallas Baptist University; she competed in tennis and volleyball, and she is also a USAPA ambassador and founding member of SouthWest Arkansas Pickleball. In addition to the Game Development System, ask her about Pickleball Burn.

David GustafsonDAVID GUSTAFSON has been playing sports since middle school. David is an avid golfer, basketball and softball player. He has previously coached High School Boys’ Basketball for several years and prior to coaching basketball, David was also a basketball official. Playing and coaching pickleball have become a passion for David. David will tell you the Vulcan IQ Pickleball Game Development System will help take your game to the next level and encourages everyone to find a pickleball court, a friend and just play.

 Vulcan IQ Pickleball: Become a Smarter Pickleball Player

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