Vulcan V730HT MAX Pickleball Paddle

The Vulcan V730HT MAX Pickleball Paddle is Team Vulcan Pro Tyler Loong's signature model. For 2024, Loong modified the elongated shape to compete more aggressively in today's faster- paced game. The top corners are now softened allowing for a subtle increase in overall width. The sweet spot is now larger and just above center compared to earlier V730 versions, making it a more dangerous weapon for speedups, blocks, counters, resets and Ernies. Features HiTRAC Surface Grit for spin and CHAN-LOCK Edge System. Designed for singles and doubles with awesome power for passing shots, overheads and put-aways. Engineered with remarkable balance so it feels and plays much lighter than its actual mass. Vulcan Max Control Grip at 4- 3/4" length (4-1/8" circumference). Made to a popular weight of 8.3 oz. (+/- 0.2). Available in Slate Circuit design in black, white and gray hues with TL Signature Edition emblem and logo. lndividually handcrafted in USA and includes a dated and code-numbered certificate attesting to the paddle's completion and final inspection. Ships in 4-5 days.


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Team Vulcan pro players Tyler Loong and Jay Devilliers were both intimately involved in the development of Vulcan's new 2024 V700 Series. Their intention was for their new paddles to take their game - and yours - to another level. They worked hands-on with the Vulcan engineers, designers, and craftsmen to push the legal limits of texture for maximum spin, while insisting that the texture remain reliable, consistent, and long-lasting. A second intention was to incorporate new tech for a more massive sweet-spot, all without compromising the awesome power of the V700s. Each paddle in the V700 series is unique and bespoke - each one is individually handcrafted in Vulcan's USA factory by skilled craftsmen.
Weight Range: 8.1-8.5 oz.
Grip Length: 4 1/2"
Grip Circumference: 4 1/8"
Core Thickness: 13mm
Core Material: Stateracore Polypropylene
Face Material: V-Skin Surface System
2024 Spec  V710HT MAX V720HT MAX V730HT MAX V740HT MAX

StateraCore polypropylene

StateraCore polypropylene StateraCore polypropylene StateraCore polypropylene
Surface V-Skin System V-Skin System V-Skin System V-Skin System
Thickness 13mm 13mm 13mm 13mm
Texture HiTRAC Surface Grit HiTRAC Surface Grit HiTRAC Surface Grit HiTRAC Surface Grit
Edge Guard CHAN-LOCK Edge System CHAN-LOCK Edge System CHAN-LOCK Edge System CHAN-LOCK Edge System
Length 16" 16" 16 1/2" 16 1/2"
Width 8" 8" 7 1/4" 7 1/2"
Weight 8.3 oz 8.3 oz 8.3 oz 8.3 oz
Grip Length 4 3/4" 4 3/4" 4 3/4" 5 1/2"
Shape Tear Drop Oval Elongated Extended Handle
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