With Christmas around the corner, now is the time to find the perfect gift for the baseball lover in your life. Vulcan Sporting Goods Co. is here to help!

To Wear

For baseball players, clothes are all about style and ease of movement. Vulcan has several shirt options for each player's preference. The stylish Vulcan Jersey has a retro feel, making it a fan favorite. The Pandemonium shirt great for practice, with its high performance fabric, and Vulcan tee shirts are best for every day wear or a casual practice with friends.

Vulcan also offers a few different styles of snapback hat, a favorite of baseball players for practice and every day wear. These adjustable hats make for ideal gifts. The Off-Day Snapback is black with optic details, and the Franchise Hat is a blue denim color with white embellishment.

To Play

Since baseball players often like to choose their own bats (or work with similar bats to the rest of their team), baseball accessories are useful for helping players add style and enhanced performance to their gear. Vulcan Bat Grips are a great addition to any bat, for style and for better grip. There are three different thicknesses and a variety of style options; choose grips to match your team, your bat, or express your personal style.

If your baseball player already has some #BatCandy on their bat, try adding Vulcan Rosin Bag or Vulcan Rosin Powder into their stocking. Rosin is a great addition for the upcoming practice season, especially as the weather heats up.

All of these gifts can be found right here, on the Vulcan website. To keep up with all the latest news, become an Insider (where you receive emails about the latest sales, giveaways, and designs) and follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

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