Are you looking for the perfect gift for the pickleball lover in your life? Vulcan Pickleball is here to help you decide! From gear essentials to stylish apparel, Vulcan Pickleball has you covered.


All pickleball players are concerned with having the right grip for their paddles. The right material can make the difference between the paddle slipping in their hands or making a solid play. Vulcan Pickleball Replacement Grips are the best solid base for a paddle handle, while the Vulcan Pickleball Overgrips help players achieve the perfect grip every time.

Vulcan Max Trend Overgrips - Max Trend Overgrips are perfect for players who want a light tack, light cushion feel on their paddle handle. They are especially great in cooler conditions. Available in a variety of styles.

Vulcan Max Cool Overgrips - Max Cool Overgrips are absorbent and soft, ideal for players in hot and humid conditions. They provide a more sweat-absorbent surface for players. Available in a variety of styles.

    For those who want to absorb even more sweat from their grip, Vulcan rosin is available in bags and powder; both are easy to travel with inside your gear bag.


    Vulcan gear bags are another great example of next-level design meeting style. Available in a few different color combinations, these bags will carry everything you need for a day of playing on the courts.

    Vulcan Pickleball Tote - The tote is perfect for casual play. The padded pocket fits multiple paddles while leaving plenty of space to carry other gear and accessories for court time. It's also useful off the court--for carrying on the beach, to the gym, or to the store.

    Vulcan Pickleball Sling - The sling is great for a casual day of playing on the courts. The sling holds one paddle, but it has two zippered compartments for holding gear. With an adjustable shoulder strap, it's a very convenient and stylish bag.

    Vulcan Pickleball Duffel - The duffel is perfect for a weekend tournament, with room for several paddles inside the bag and plenty of room for extra clothes and gear. 

      To Wear

      For pickleball players, clothes are all about style and ease of movement. Vulcan has several shirt options for each player's preference. The stylish Vulcan Jersey has a retro feel, making it a fan favorite. The Pandemonium shirt great for tournaments, with its high performance fabric, and Vulcan Pickleball tee shirts are best for every day wear or a casual practice with friends.

      Vulcan also offers a few different styles of snapback hat, a stylish favorite for every day wear. These adjustable hats make for ideal gifts. The Off-Day Snapback is black with optic details, and the Franchise Hat is a blue denim color with white embellishment.

      All of these gifts can be found right on the Vulcan website. To keep up with all the latest news, become an Insider (where you receive emails about the latest sales, giveaways, and designs) and follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook).

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