Paddle Candy Pickleball began with the fan-favorite Sugar Skull design, inspired by Paddle Candy Pro Daniel De La Rosa. De La Rosa is a dual-sport athlete from Mexico. His background in both racquetball and pickleball influences the preferences he has in the pickleball paddle he competes with.

The new Paddle Candy Daniel De La Rosa Signature Edition Paddle features all of the favorite design elements of the Sugar Skull paddle with the distinct De La Rosa rose in the center of the forehead. The paddle features an extended handle, perfect for extra reach and leverage, especially for those that like using a two-handed backhand. The paddle face provides control and the balanced weight provides power from the generous sweet spot.

To learn more about the technical specifications of the paddle, or get this popular-shaped paddle for yourself, check out the Paddle Candy De La Rosa Signature Edition paddle. For the most up to date news, check out Paddle Candy on social media (Instagram).

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