Team Vulcan Pickleball has, up until now, been comprised of three different types of players--Ambassadors, Reps, and Pros. All parts of Team Vulcan play with Vulcan as their pickleball gear of choice at tournaments, on the courts in recreational play, and on social media. For Ambassadors and Reps, players can be part of the Team regardless of skill level (or any other identifying information).

Now, Vulcan is proud to introduce a new category: Vulcan Sponsored Players. Vulcan Sponsored Players are an elite group of high skill level (4.8+) players, playing pickleball out in the world. The roster includes people from all over the country, from Seniors to Junior players.

If you are interested in joining Team Vulcan as an ambassador, rep, or sponsored player, contact the Vulcan Sales & Marketing Team at Discover the latest news by joining the Insider email list or following Vulcan Pickleball on social (Instagram / Facebook).

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