After the Paddle Candy Sugar Skull Paddle, designed in homage to the Mexican celebration of Dia de los Muertos, was released in 2019, the team at Vulcan Pickleball HQ knew that it deserved its own brand presence. Over the next two years, a clear distinction was created between Paddle Candy and Vulcan Pickleball. As soon as that personality showed through on the paddles and in the players, it was time for Paddle Candy to stand alone. Now, with the help of Paddle Candy Pros Daniel and Michelle De La Rosa and the Paddle Candy Power Couple, the brand is ready to color outside the lines.

Now, those looking to find the fan-favorite Paddle Candy Sugar Skull paddle or Sea Turtle Paddle can shop directly from There are also new products for you to discover--from the Paddle Candy De La Rosa Signature Edition Paddles to the Freak Show Collection, pickleball paddle covers, and more!

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