If you have been playing pickleball for a little while (or a long while), you know how much fun the game can be! The more fun it is, the more you want to play, and the more you play, the more you want to improve. So, how do you start training to significantly improve your game, with or without a partner to help?

 Vulcan's favorite game development training system is the one created by Vulcan IQ Pickleball. It divides game development into three levels: control the ball (beginner), control the court (intermediate), and control the opponent (advanced). Within this system, they use specific drills and tools to help the students in their clinics develop new skills and strategies. Two of their favorite tools for these sessions can be found in the Vulcan Training Bundle. The Vulcan Training Bundle includes the fan-favorite V100 Training Paddle and the Square Court Markers (12 pk.). 

For drills with a partner, the Vulcan V100 Training Paddle is a great tool to have in your pickleball bag! For beginners, playing with the Vulcan V100 Training Paddle can teach proper form and motion, especially when used at the net. The design of the training paddle forces beginner players to use more fluid arm motions from the shoulder and to keep the ball in front of them.

For more advanced players, the Vulcan V100 Training Paddle can help with control and wrist movement. Because of the paddle's shape, it helps advanced players adjust their movements for proper ball placement. The V100 Training Paddle can help players of all levels work on better hand-eye coordination, forcing players to keep their eyes focused on the ball all the way to the paddle surface. The video below, done by Vulcan IQ Pickleball, showcases the many uses of the V100 Training Paddle and why you will want to add it to your training regimen.

For single drills, the Vulcan Square Court Markers are a great tool! The court markers come in a 12 pack, and they are small squares for marking off sections of the court. For beginners, these sections can help players target dinks, drives, and even serves. For advanced players, the small targets can be ideal for precise ball placement. Each 12 pack comes with a booklet of drills straight out of the Vulcan IQ Development System, showing players how to section the court for improvement. The video below showcases the court markers in action, thanks to Vulcan IQ Pickleball.

To discover more on the Vulcan Training Bundle, the Vulcan V100 Training Paddle, or the Vulcan Square Court Markers, see the products on the website. Be sure to follow along with Vulcan Pickleball on social media (Facebook / Instagram) and join the Insiders email list to receive the latest news on designs and sales.

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