The Vulcan V900 Series is the result of engineers and designers who are endlessly focused on the needs of the world’s most elite pickleball players. For the V900 Series, Vulcan’s engineers were directed to spare no expense testing, tooling-up, creating, and sourcing the best materials worldwide to develop the most superlative paddle ever made. Every component selection and feature is defined as top-quality, for the most discriminating player who chooses the best.

Each of the four models in the series individually leverages the superior attributes of the most expensive, rarest, and most sophisticated carbon fiber on the planet. The result manifests itself in a paddle for any player who demands feel, touch, spin, precision, and ball control without rival.

Quatro-Carbon™ Carbon Fiber Face

The superior Quatro-Carbon™ surface material technology is a 3k cross-weave with two bi-directional layers on each side. Proprietary to Vulcan, and manufactured in Japan, it is best-in-class carbon fiber technology and a first for pickleball. While all grades of carbon fiber deliver excellent aerospace-like weight-to-durability ratios, Vulcan’s Quatro-Carbon™ is even stronger – and more importantly provides far more softness and feel than other grades in its class. Each paddle’s more acute responsiveness and feel is quite noticeable because the ball literally rests on the paddle face longer. The superior cross-weave pattern features a lightly-textured surface which imparts a heavier ball and more lively spin.

ZEP9™ Polypropylene Honeycomb Core

Vulcan’s exclusive advanced-logic ZEP9™ Polypropylene Honeycomb Core technology works in conjunction with the revolutionary Quatro-Carbon™ face to absorb vibration while providing superior feel plus maximum sweet spot area. These advanced materials also possess amazing vibration dampening properties that significantly alleviates tennis elbow.

ZeroLoss™ Energy Technology

The seamless Quatro-Carbon™ plus ZEP9™ dual-system construction eliminates any dead areas outside of the sweet spot. This ZeroLoss Energy Technology results in optimal surface consistency and unmatched playability.


Four Paddles: Identical Technology but Different Attributes

Vulcan’s designers were given an equal challenge, to be forward-thinking and on-trend. The Vulcan V900 Series all feature Quatro-Carbon™ skins while offering players a choice between two ZEP9™ core thicknesses – 13 mm and 16 mm – and four distinct shapes depending on play-style and desired performance attributes. Shape preference is not simply an aesthetic choice – it also plays a vital role in how a paddle plays and performs. Likewise, core thickness is also a very important factor as 13mm offers more power and 16mm more touch. Having different options available gives players the opportunity to find the perfect paddle, a true extension of their hand.

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  • Hi, what are the specs for each paddle? Such as length and width. Thanks!

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