Choosing the right pickleball paddle for your game can seem like a daunting task, particularly if you can't demo the paddle before you purchase. Vulcan Pickleball paddles are split into three types—power, control, and hybrid—to make this decision process easier, but there are other aspects of a paddle that are important to consider before selecting your paddle.

First, you need to decide what weight would be best for your game. The heavier the paddle, the more natural power you can generate, but a heavy paddle can sometimes have effects on the body (depending on how long you play). Vulcan Pickleball Paddles range from 7.4-8.4 oz. to give players a variety of options. Core thickness (and type) can play heavily into the weight of the paddle, with thicker cores being naturally more heavy because there is more material present. Thinner cores, and lighter paddles, offer players more control on the court.

Next, think about the shape of the paddle you are looking for. Pickleball players who used to play tennis sometimes enjoy a wide-faced paddle (like the Vulcan V530 Pickleball Paddle) or the reach of an elongated paddle (like the Vulcan V550 Pickleball Paddle). Players without a racquet sports background might enjoy a paddle in a more traditional shape, like the Vulcan V510 or V540 Pickleball Paddles.

Last, consider the price point you want to be at. The Vulcan Pickleball line is split into three series; the V300 Series is great for beginner players because they are geared to be cheaper, but also useful for a wide variety of players. The Vulcan V300 Series paddles range from $14.99-59.99. The V500 Series and V700 Series are geared toward higher level players, with attributes that make them good for players who understand how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their game. The V500 Series ranges from $79.99-139.99. The V700 Series paddles are $149.99 each.

The Vulcan Paddle Comparison Chart below can help you compare details on all the paddles in the line; with a large variety of paddles and designs, there is a paddle for you in the Vulcan Pickleball line!

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vulcan paddle comparison chart

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  • Thanks for this guide concerning Vulcan paddles. I own and play with a 550, my wife plays with a 330. What makes a paddle a HYBRID? Please respond.

  • I found this article very informative about “Vulcan Pickleball Paddle Guide: How to Choose Your Paddle”. Looking forward for more informative articles like this related to The Pickleball Paddles

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