Pickleball clinics are usually one-and-done events. You meet elite players, sometimes you go to cool destinations, and you learn some cool tricks. Vulcan IQ Pickleball is different: It’s a progressive, thoughtfully-designed system that meets players where they are and builds from there. The more players advance in the system, the more the instructors get to know you and the more your game develops. For David Tappe and Kate Tully, co-founders of Vulcan IQ Pickleball, there’s just no substitute for that consistent time on the court together. The instructors hang out after the sessions to play and help you apply what you just learned – they clearly love to teach, almost as much as they love pickleball. There are take-home materials to remind you what you learned and Games Within the Games to make the most out of your rec play.

David Redding, one of the new Vulcan IQ Pickleball Adjunct Pros, has been teaching and coaching racquet sports for 35 years and he has seen nothing quite like this system. Redding said, “Just like there are all shapes and sizes of pickleball players, there have become all shapes and sizes of group pickleball instruction out on the market. While it is impossible to say there is only one best way to approach and teach pickleball, my friends David Tappe and Kate Tully may have come very close. Using a lot of creativity and common sense, they have developed the innovative Vulcan IQ Game Development System. It is a fun, sensible, progressive and layered approach to learning pickleball that I was drawn to the very first time I saw it.”

Of course, seeing the tangible proof of the Vulcan IQ Pickleball system is easy—just look at Tappe and Tully. The bones of the teaching system were created by Tappe and used to teach Tully pickleball when she started playing. Tappe: “All of her questions and observations pushed me to articulate things I’d done for years by instinct.” Jeff Arnett, one of the new IQ Pickleball Adjunct Pros, said that watching videos of Tappe and Tully playing at tournaments is what convinced him the system was effective: “It wasn’t that they played amazing in what I watched. It was that in almost exactly a year from when the video was posted I witnessed a complete transformation in Kate’s game to become a highly skilled player with zero prior racquet / paddle experience. It was then that I knew IQ Pickleball’s system works!”

To discover more about how this system can work for you and your club, contact Vulcan IQ Pickleball for more information. You can discover the latest IQ Pickleball news by following them on Facebook.

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