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Vulcan Pushes Performance

Founded in 2015, Vulcan Sporting Goods Co.™ takes design very seriously. From the beginning with the iconic “Old Glory” pattern, Vulcan connects style with innovation. The Vulcan Team believes, at the core, in the simple logic of creating fresh products with relevant aesthetics. By continually producing new designs and influencing new market trends, Vulcan helps athletes express style and personality while pushing performance.

The most important part of creating products for the Vulcan Team is producing innovations that give today’s athletes a next-level edge, as well as displaying vibrant style. For example, each grip created features the latest technology in materials science—with lay flat edge technology, VULCAN ADVANCED LOGIC™ polymer as a base, and the patented maze pattern to create the ultimate gripping system.

Vulcan Sporting Goods Co. continues to push forward, creating new products for baseball, softball, tennis, and pickleball. Vulcan is the super-excited division of Tanners Team Sports Inc., the world’s leading supplier of team sports accessories. Learn more about the parent company at

Our Products Are Cutting Edge

The Vulcan Bat Grip line is the fastest growing bat grip in baseball and softball. They deliver maximum feel and bat control in any weather, with thickness options for every kind of bat and designs for every personality.

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Vulcan Bat Grips
Vulcan Tennis Grips

The Vulcan Tennis Grip line is the newest addition to the Vulcan catalog. There’s a grip to suit every tennis player and every kind of weather condition. Our unique debossed maze tread pattern helps enhance your grip while our patented edge to resist roll keeps your grip in place.

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The Vulcan Pickleball line is the future of pickleball. Each product, from paddles and nets to bags and grips, showcases the most advanced technology and innovative style.

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Vulcan Pickleball
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