Jocelyn (Jay) Devilliers, 25, started playing pickleball in 2019. He is originally from France and moved to the U.S to represent for four years at Wichita State University Division 1 College. Jay transitioned into playing pickleball after playing a few times with Jack Oxler, and then he took the pickleball director position at Chicken N Pickle. His favorite part of pickleball is the friendliness of other players and the atmosphere that surrounds every event. Jay also kept playing tennis and he loves to ski during the winter or play soccer with his friends during his spare time. A few of his favorite hobbies (apart from playing sports) are to travel and discover new cultures or riding motorbikes and auto racing.

He is very excited to be part of Team Vulcan because of the friendliness of the team and the support that the team/company provides him to achieve his goals. 

Notable Tournament Wins

2020 California Open, Men's Pro Singles - 4th Place, Men's Pro Doubles - 2nd Place, Mixed Pro Doubles - 4th Place
2020 Florida Grand Slam, Men's Pro Singles - 3rd Place
2019 World Pickleball Championship, Men's Pro Singles - 4th Place, Men's Pro Doubles - 5th Place
2019 Chicago Open,  Men's Pro Singles - 4th Place, Men's Pro Doubles - 4th Place

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  • Met Jay today at Chicken and pickle in Wichita. What a great guy , was very nice to my family. Great representative of the sport.

  • I was able to watch Mr. Devilliers play in Bend Oregon over the weekend. I also chatted w him briefly. You have a great representative for your company in this guy. Besides being a great player, he seems to be great person. I watch a lot of Pickleball and am amazed at the poor behavior or some pros. This guy is just the opposite! I’m still not gonna buy your gear…my wife is sponsored by Gearbox and I’m a rep for them 😂 but I did want to take a minute to let you know how impressed a lot of us were Jay. Nice work grabbing a good guy!

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