The NEW Vulcan V560 Pickleball Paddles have arrived! These paddles feature an extended handle, perfect for two-handed backhands or a little extra reach, and a classic paddle shape. They are constructed with a 13mm polypropylene core, and each paddle comes with a Vulcan Max Control Grip for extra control.

The Vulcan V560 Pickleball Paddle comes in both power and control models, so players can choose the right paddle for their game strategy. The technology differences between the paddles comes from the materials used on the paddle face. The control paddle is great for players who have a lot of natural power or are looking for a more controlled, tactical game; the power paddle is great for players looking for more pop from the ball.

Discover more details about the specifications of the Vulcan V560 Pickleball Paddles on the website. And keep up with the latest news and products by subscribing to the Vulcan Insiders email list or following Vulcan Pickleball on social media (Facebook / Instagram).

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