The new Vulcan V730MAX Pickleball Paddle, the Tyler Loong Signature Model, is here! The Vulcan V730MAX is the elongated paddle in the V700 Series. Loong, among the top athletes in the game worldwide, is now playing with the V730MAX and believes that this new paddle is helping him play at another level. 

In singles, #TeamVulcan Pro Tyler is getting a lot more power and pop on passing shots, hitting more winners and taking control of points earlier and more often. In doubles, he likes how is power shots are more penetrating, and his put-aways are not coming back. However, he has more control now as well, especially around the non-volley zone, with a paddle that feels lightweight and provides real-time sensory feedback.

Vulcan’s all-new 2022 V700 Series was designed with the future in mind, featuring engineering advancements in material selections and in building processes, like Thermal Diffusion Welding, which eliminates the unnecessary weight of adhesives in the paddle construction process. Breakthroughs in both materials’ science, shape and design, and manufacturing techniques represent a brand new opportunity for players to play their best – while enjoying the fact that the Vulcan V700 Series paddles are each individually handcrafted in the USA.

The Vulcan V700 Series literally “maxes-out” power and feel with futuristic technology. Discover more about these paddles on the website, and subscribe to the Vulcan Insiders email list for up-to-date news on new products.

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