In redesigning the V700 Series for 2022, the mission is to give players the confidence that comes with maximum power in their shots, yet provides extraordinary feel for control in the soft game, through engineering advancements in material selections like the use of TeXtreme™ which is by far the world’s most expensive, highest-quality carbon fiber. More intelligent paddle weight balancing is a new innovation that gives the V700s higher mass for power, yet the swing weight is noticeably lower than the actual weight. Breakthroughs in both materials’ science, shape and design, and manufacturing techniques represent a brand new opportunity for players to play their best – while enjoying the fact that the Vulcan V700 Series paddles are each individually handcrafted in the USA. All three paddles in the series – the V710MAX, V720MAX, and V730MAX – deploy groundbreaking proprietary Vulcan engineering.

STATERACORE™ Core Technology – the paddle platform begins with Vulcan’s next-level polypropylene core with 8mm honeycomb cells which results in an overall finished thickness of 13mm.

V-SKIN™ Surface System – unlike other paddles, each V700 features an expensive and highly sophisticated propriety V-Skin surface system. Instead of the standard one or two surface layers, Vulcan V700s involve seven individual high-tech layers: woven carbon fiber, TeXtreme® V-Strut™ spread-tow carbon fiber bands, woven fiberglass, polypropylene film, two layers of polycarbonate film, and matte UV Cyanoacrylate. Vulcan’s revolutionary V-Skin™ surface system is an industry first where the layers are fused into one to form an optimized hybrid thermoplastic fiber reinforced composite. 

V-STRUT™ Surface Bands – two diagonal V-shaped TeXtreme™ spread-tow carbon fiber bands link each corner of the paddle face down to the throat to provide unsurpassed torsional stability for off-center hits. The V-Strut™ dramatically and intensely enlarging the sweet spot of the paddle towards the corners without increasing the moment of inertial from handle to head, unlike the traditional insert technology. At impact these extra-long fibers also transmit additional feel from the face of the paddle to the handle – and directly to the player’s hand for maximum feedback and control.

DURA-FLEX™ Throat – to reinforce the throat and handle area, the core’s inner honeycomb cells in the throat area are solidified with polypropylene then overlayed with special carbon fiber insert fused to the surface. This feature maximizes the paddle’s torsional flex response on drives and smashes while making it among the strongest handles ever designed.

THERMAL DIFFUSION WELDING™ Technology – Vulcan engineers invented this breakthrough adhesion technology for the V700 Series to eliminate the non-performing aspects and the unnecessary weight of adhesives. No heterogeneous materials are used in core/surface bonding and no energy is wasted. The technique and the equipment are all completely custom made by Vulcan and there is nothing like it in pickleball paddle manufacturing.

v700max technology series

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