About Tanners

Tanners Team Sports is the sporting goods industry’s leading authority in the category of team sports accessories. Tanners’ unique expertise is the result of 30 years with a single-minded focus. The company is privileged to collaborate with some of the greatest brands in sports, like Rawlings Sporting Goods, to develop accessories programs that complement their core product lines. In addition, its team manages in-house brand Vulcan Sporting Goods Co., as well as supplying major retailers with private-label accessories. Tanners is in baseball, fast pitch, slow pitch, tennis, and pickleball, designing and producing sporting goods equipment including grips and gripping aids, batting tees, skill-specific training aids, scoring products, coaching aids, on-field accessories, and specialty items like glove oil and eye black.



Tourists, friends, and customers are always welcome to visit Tanners’ headquarters in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Our headquarters is nestled in the countryside of America’s heartland, in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, just a few miles from the natural thermal baths at Hot Springs National Park. All are welcome to enjoy playing at Vulcan Pickleball Park on our 6.5 acre campus, with four dedicated state-of-the-art LED-lighted courts, with free play open to all, and paddle demos available at our lobby pro-shop which is open weekdays during regular business hours. For baseball fans, the city of Hot Springs is steeped in baseball history, making it a unique setting for Tanners. The Hot Springs Historic Baseball Trail recounts how the resort town became the “Birthplace of Major League Spring Training,” and how its ties to MLB began as early as 1886 with the arrival of the Chicago White Stockings (forerunner of the Chicago Cubs) for the first spring training, where players could “boil out” the off-season with hot baths, run the mountain roads, and play baseball. By the 1940s every major league team had trained in the Spa City resort town – including baseball legends like Babe Ruth, Rogers Hornsby, Cy Young, Honus Wagner, and Satchel Page.

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