2022 marks the thirtieth year that Tanners Team Sports has been in business. What started as a small business from the CEO Vince Signorelli’s garage is now thriving sporting goods company that makes accessory and training products for baseball and a full line of pickleball products.

It all began with glove oil, a product that is still sold by the business today. The glove oil recipe that Signorelli bought was made for conditioning saddles and tack for horses, but Signorelli quickly started testing it for baseball gloves. Once the major and minor league players started using the oil to condition their gloves, the Tanners of today was within grasp. Glove oil, and several other glove conditioning and repair products, is still a staple of Tanners business under the Rawlings name.

In 2015, the Tanners business started manufacturing and designing products for an in-house brand, Vulcan Sporting Goods. It began with loud, trendy bat grip designs that swept the market. In 2018 it expanded to a full line of pickleball products that surprise and delight customers with design and technology.

Tanners is proud to have a history of innovation–in performance, technology, and design–and the company has plans to extend their expertise further in the next year. Keep up with company updates by following on LinkedIn, or by following Vulcan Pickleball on social media (Instagram / Facebook).

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