To celebrate the new year, Vulcan Bat Grips is releasing two new #BatCandy series. The Splatter series showcases six new grips, in standard red, blue, purple, and yellow, as well as a Optic Splatter and Cookies & Cream Splatter; you can use these grips to display an artistic edge to your bats.

The second series being released this month is the USA Series, which features three new patriotic grips. The Liberty grip is a pattern of overlapping flags, while the Team USA grip focuses on the words we associate with patriotism. The Stars and Bars grip takes the colors and stripes and stars associated with the flag and deconstructs it to create parallel lines on your bat. These grips are the perfect compliment to our most popular grip, Old Glory.

All of these new grips can be purchased on our website, and they are available in all thicknesses. If you have any questions, contact us at or 501.760.6888.

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