Vulcan’s all-new 2024 V700 Series literally “maxes-out” power, spin, sweet-spot, and feel with futuristic technology. All four paddles in the series – the V710HT MAX, V720HT MAX, V730HT MAX, and V740HT MAX – are each individually handcrafted in the USA and deploy groundbreaking proprietary Vulcan engineering. Patents pending.

The 2024 V700s builds on the already advanced technology platform, taking performance to yet another plateau – now pushing the legal limits of texture for maximum spin, while ensuring that the texture remain reliable, consistent and, above all, long-lasting. Vulcan’s engineering advancements in material selections are legendary, like the use of TeXtreme™ which is by far the world’s most expensive, highest-quality carbon fiber. More intelligent paddle weight balancing is an innovation that gives this series higher mass for amazing power, yet the swing weight is noticeably lower than the actual weight. Continual breakthroughs in both materials’ science, shape, design, sweet-spot, texture, and manufacturing techniques allow players to compete and win in today’s faster and more aggressive playing style.

In a world where most products we buy today are typically mass-produced by big machines or robots in far flung factories, the fact that Vulcan V700 Series paddles are individually handmade in America by skilled craftsmen makes them even more special. To own one – or just to hold one – imparts a real sense of appreciation, as each paddle is carefully crafted by hand, and therefore uniquely bespoke, bench made, rare, and unlike any other. Each V700 paddle comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity, bearing its unique log code and date of manufacture, and handwritten and signed with pride by a Vulcan craftsman-inspector. Team Vulcan pro players Tyler Loong and Jay Devilliers worked hands-on with the Vulcan engineers, designers and craftsmen, side-by-side on the production floor and on the in-house pickleball court, testing and providing real-time sensory feedback in one of the most historical paddle-design collaborations ever in pickleball.

Advanced Logic Technology - Handcrafted in USA

Vulcan V700 Series | New for 2024

HiTRAC™ Surface Grit – NEW! for 2024 – represents a much-anticipated industry breakthrough. Today’s game is about power, and Vulcan’s V700 Series delivers that in spades. But now, it’s also about maximizing spin, the ability to shape shots and move the ball to create impressive top-spin, under-spin, or side-spin, to aggressively challenge opponents or put them in uncomfortable defensive positions. But where other paddles famously disappoint players as they lose their texture over time, with the new V700HT MAX Series, Vulcan unleashes a breakthrough – long-lasting texture for a legal gritty surface that does not wear off. This extremely durable surface roughness is applied with a patent-pending dual technology: (1) the underlying texture deploys a randomized stippling effect, with thousands of raised micro-dots and flecks on the surface, plus (2) an elevated geometric maze pattern that traps the stipples to impart even more texture while increasing surface uniformity. The resulting surface roughness is obvious to the touch, visible in the right light, and delivers unbelievable ball rotation when brushing up, down, or carving the sides.

“NEW!” CHAN-LOCK™ Edge System – NEW! for 2024 – another dual-technology breakthrough resulting in a substantially larger sweet spot plus far more edge guard durability. The innermost part of the new CHAN-LOCK™ Edge System involves the insertion and fusion of two advanced-polymer, crescent-shaped disc-plates in both top corners of the paddle face, providing the ultimate edge guard reinforcement at the most critical protection points. The second part of the system introduces a fused thermal-plaster interlayer substrate underneath the edge guard which allows the paddle to retain far more energy (especially on off-center hits). All four models in the new Vulcan V700HT MAX Series now offer a massive sweet spot area, plus far more edge guard durability than any other paddles in their class.

STATERACORE™ Core Technology – the paddle platform begins with Vulcan’s next-level polypropylene core with 8 mm honeycomb cells which results in an overall finished thickness of 13 mm. In recent years, polypropylene honeycomb cores have become the standard among pickleball paddle manufacturers as players have become accustomed to the material’s feel, its strength and stability, and its sound. This material’s heritage is from aerospace where it is known for its amazing strength but also for its surprisingly light weight.

V-SKIN™ Surface System – unlike other paddles, each V700 Series features an expensive and highly sophisticated propriety V-SKIN™ surface system. Instead of the standard one or two surface layers, Vulcan V700s involve seven individual high-tech layers: woven carbon fiber, TeXtreme® V-STRUT™ spread-tow carbon fiber bands, woven fiberglass, polypropylene film, two layers of polycarbonate film, and matte UV Cyanoacrylate. Vulcan’s revolutionary V-SKIN™ surface system is an industry first where the layers are fused into one to form an optimized hybrid thermoplastic fiber reinforced composite. Fusing these materials together combines the exceptionally-high tensile strength of carbon fiber, the elasticity of e-glass grade fiberglass, the unmatched durability of polycarbonate, and the resilient reliable damping of polypropylene. The diagonal V-STRUT™ surface bands link each corner of the paddle face down to the throat to provide unsurpassed torsional stability for off-center hits, dramatically enlarging the sweet spot without increasing the moment of inertia from handle to head, and intensely transmit additional feel from the face of the paddle to the hand. The V-SKIN™ surface system represents the pinnacle of paddle surface technology.

DURA-FLEX™ Throat – to reinforce the throat and handle area, the core’s inner honeycomb cells in the throat area are solidified with polypropene then overlayed with special carbon fiber insert fused to the surface. This feature maximizes the paddle’s torsional flex response on drives and smashes while making it among the strongest handles ever designed.

THERMAL DIFFUSION WELDING™ Technology – Vulcan engineers invented this breakthrough adhesion technology for the V700 Series to eliminate the non-performing aspects and the unnecessary weight of adhesives. No heterogeneous materials are used in core/surface bonding and no energy is wasted. The technique and the equipment are all completely custom made by Vulcan and there is nothing like it in pickleball paddle manufacturing. The presence of adhesives in a paddle adds weight (and very inconsistently) without offering any value in terms of playability and performance. Thus, eliminating adhesives on the core material and between layers is far more efficient in terms of a paddle’s weight-to-performance ratio.

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