Vulcan Pickleball Park features four state-of-the-art lighted outdoor pickleball courts. The park is located in front of the newly expanded Tanners facility, with beautiful views of the Ouachita Mountains and just a few miles from the natural thermal baths and historic downtown district of Hot Springs National Park.

The pickleball park is open to the public every day of the week from 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM and is enjoyed regularly by employees, locals, pickleball clubs, and visiting tourists. Tanners is proud to offer the park as a free facility for the community (and visitors) to enjoy, including bleachers and chairs for people to wait or watch the open play. For more details on court times, open group play, and events, check out the Vulcan Pickleball Park Facebook page.

The Vulcan Park is often used as a backdrop for marketing and commercials for Vulcan Pickleball. With the grassy hill and the clean blue and gray lines on the courts, it photographs well while promoting the community sport of pickleball. To see more photographs of the park in action, you can also follow Vulcan Pickleball on social media (Facebook / Instagram).

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